Selling Tips

The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and a great price. The best part is, it’s not hard, time consuming or expensive but you should always obtain expert advice.

There are times when owners will proceed to spend money on their property prior to sale which is completely wasted.

There are four main factors that influence the final sale price for your property:

1. Preparation

Selling a property is a major decision and there can be a lot at stake in terms of selling and marketing costs and the final sale price that is achieved. It is therefore very worthwhile to prepare your property for sale.

As property owners, we tend to overlook small issues that buyers will notice:

  • Tidy up garden beds and keep lawns trimmed
  • Touch up any paint that may be peeling
  • Clean out spouts
  • Attend to doors that may be sticking or hard to open or close
  • Attend to dripping taps
  • Re-paint walls and ceilings where there are marks or paint is peeling – in fact there is nothing that freshens up a home more than the smell of fresh paint.
  • Clear ‘junk’ out of garage

2. Presentation

Note: Sanctuary Lakes Real Estate offer a complimentary “Presenting your Home” service. Book an appointment today.

The more your home ‘sparkles’ the more interest you will receive. Property owners who think buyers will overlook minor maintenance issues are kidding themselves. If you are selling your car you would have it absolutely sparkling – and the same applies to your home.

  • De-clutter. Remove unwanted or bulky furniture
  • Remove personal photographs and clear bench tops
  • Open curtains and blinds to you have maximum light into your property
  • Wash window and scrub decks and patios
  • Clear the floor – difficult if you have small children but clutter, toys etc on the floor will make the room feel smaller.
  • In colder weather leave the heating on and in hot weather run your air conditioning

3. Advertising and Marketing

Promotion of your property is a vital factor in attracting buyers. Some owners think that buyers will just appear from nowhere, when, in fact, the successful sale of your property will depend largely on how many buyers we can attract.

Our internal systems and our buyer database will definitely produce some buyers but the best sales come from the best marketing campaigns.

Our experienced sales consultants will be able to show you the options in terms of marketing and advertising. There is no need to spend beyond your budget but skimping on advertising will not put more money in your pocket. It is likely to cost you more in terms of a lower sale price

When you think about some of the world’s most successful companies, they all understand the value of advertising. An amazingly well-known brand like Coca Cola doesn’t just assume that we will find their product and buy it. The actively and continually promote and market.

4. Choice of Agent

There are people who think that “all agents are the same so I just want someone who will charge me the least”.

We can demonstrate that all agents are not the same and that our dedicated and professional approach will achieve a better final result for a property owner than someone who discounts their fees and their service.

It stands to reason that a ‘discounter’ cannot afford to spend the time to achieve the best result of a client. They want to achieve a quick result at any price.

Our fees are not greatly different from other agents but we will not ask you to appoint us on the basis of being the cheapest. We will ask you to appoint us on the basis that our approach will generate a better final result for you.

Sanctuary Lakes Real Estate has a solid track record within the Sanctuary Lakes Resort since 1996 with the ‘runs on the board’.

If you are considering selling your valuable property, make sure you give us the opportunity to provide our marketing and selling recommendations.